~Cinderella of the Sea~

Who would of thought this girl from Wisconsin, with NO intentions of ever leaving my beloved state, would end up living on an enchanted, barrier island in Southwest Florida? One thing life has taught me, it doesn't always work out as planned....and that's okay. 

This former Fortune 500 corporate executive, took a leap of faith and ended up in a lovely, harbor town surrounded by Charlotte Harbor.  But something was clearly missing; THE SEA! I was drawn like a magnet, to the pristine beaches of the Southwest Gulf Coast of Florida.  Close in distance, yet worlds away!

Who could resist the crystal, sugar white sand beaches, beautiful, sparkling, turquoise blue waters and unending miles of seashells, seashells and more seashells! An accidental collector, became a passion and creating from my collections, simply a natural progression of destiny, and a dream come true!

My first project, inspired by a pricey, baroque seashell mirror, spotted in a local, upscale boutique, led me to design my own version. Proudly displayed in my home, it didn't take long to become highly sought after. After some arm twisting, I agreed to sell it. 

So it began:  SeaShellabration! I would name this newly found venture, that celebrates all the glory and magic of my trips to the beaches and a way to express my precious, collected treasures of the sea.

After a year and a half, the magnetic pull of the sea became increasingly intense and a second move ensued. And so we arrived on an enchanted, private barrier island with 7 miles of the most incredible beaches at our door step. My craft quickly expanded into a variety of seashell designs and fine tuned into amazing, intricate pieces of fine art. 

Once settled in my new island cottage by the sea, I participated in my first, successful juried art show. Invitations to additional shows and juried fine art galleries, soon followed.
In June of 2017, I expanded my range of artistry to include custom, interior seashell design detailing for kitchens, baths, fireplace facades, chandeliers  and so much more. Working intimately with clients,  and designers; offering a wide range of artistry and techniques including my signature, unique 3 dimensional, 3 step process.

In November, 2017 I recieved and accepted an invitation into the prestigious Ringling College of Art & Design, Sarasota, FL, and was a featured artist at the exclusive, Winter Market which took place inside The Loranger Gallery.

Next up, a surprise invitation to enter my work into the 81st Annual Sanibel/Captiva Seashell Show; professional division.  The invite alone into the world's most prestigious, and largest, long standing juried shell show was a milestone in and of itself.  Having my latest piece, "Reflections", an elaborate, baroque  seashell mirror, earn first place blue ribbon, was an accomplishment incomparable to none other.  My 2 additional entries, "Tree of the Sea" topiary division and "Knight Into Day" ornate clock miscellaneous division, ribboned as well, 2nd & 3rd place respectively.  I was 3 for 3! 2018 was off to a very good start!
So what about my style  has led me on the fast track of seashell notoriety?  Well,I love to marry the ancient and weathered with the shiny gems. The peculiar and unusual with the perfect jewels. It is this, unconventional signature process that distinguishes my work as uncommon; never to be confused by the mass produced.

I take exceptional attention to detail; each piece telling a story of the sea that mirrors my life in some cases; once beautiful shells now weathered and worn. Broken pieces put back together to create something even more beautiful than ever before.

Living by the beach offers a daily inspiration of a new canvas of ideas, freshly laid out by the sea. Unending and ever changing, creatively designing my future as it was meant to be. Come, join me. Discover my magnificent journey; a SeaShellabration of pure bliss; a transformation of passion, dedication and respect for the ocean reflected in my artistry to be shared by all!