My New Boss

After 25 years in corporate sales, having  worked my way up the corporate ladder into management roles, there was still the rank and file. Some CEO of something or other, that I reported to.  I can honestly say, after all those years, one of the most rewarding elements of starting my own venture, is that is every aspect comes back to me.

 From sweat equity of painstakingly collecting the seashells in the hot Florida summer sun, to the tedious process of preparing them for artistry, sorting to creating, to the unveiling of a new masterpiece; what I reap, is what I sow. 

It didn't take long to discover that I still have a boss; oh, a great deal different from the corporate suits I was used to. You see, my new boss is the sea. It dictates the course of each day; today being a great example as it delivered a "Super Tide" with high winds. This combination of its power with lunar cycles, simulated the conditions of a hurricane. 

 Not only a dangerous working environment; it took the complete beach and all of the crown jewels with it. The roar of the majestic waves crashing with all their power; an extraordinary show to behold! 

It sent me a clear message and marching orders: no shells to be had today. It's a  time to create; not collect, silly!  Tomorrow is another day.

And so it goes, living by the sea. There is a new boss of me and I can honestly say, we make a pretty good team.

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