Butterflies Are Free

It never ceases to amaze me, the vast diversity of seashell  species, the ocean delivers in any given day.  

A blanket of Conchs one day, millions of Jingles the next; Olives? Shark Eyes? Jewel Boxes...oooh, each day is  Christmas morning...can hardly contain the excitement  to discover the daily bounty  of the sea! 

Today's special, if you will, is all about the "Butterflies".  A plethora of Coquinas, to be scientifically correct.  The summer sun catches their vibrant colors like gemstones displayed in a brightly lit jeweler's case.

This  is a "Tiny Treasures" or "Baby Blessings" excursion kind of day.  Over looked by the casual collector in search of the biggest and boldest; their loss  is my gain.  I can hardly wait to find the perfect perch to spread their wings.

I returned home to notice an extraordinary, vibrantly striped  yellow & purple   butterfly of the insect variety, skipping along the Hibiscus; another high atop the blooming Madagascar Palm.

You do not have  to live in paradise for a daily dose of "Baby Blessings". Regardless of what life delivers, don't overlook the "Tiny Treasures" each day has to offer.  After all, butterflies are free.  


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